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How to Have a Long Lasting Marriage
Published By jelashly on 2012-08-30 42 Views

For a marriage to last, cooperation and understanding of both partners are necessary. Marriage failure occurs when one has given up and didn’t even try to save the relationship. When one is not happy with the status, most couple still try to keep the relationship for the sake of the years they have been together and for the sake of their children.

  • Be contended. Do not try to look for anyone else who can make you happier. If your partner cannot do the things that make you happy, help him to slowly do it for you. Be contented and don't regret the commitment you have and you made to yourself and to your partner.
  • Learn to compromise. Understand his likes and dislikes. Both should be aware of each other’s feeling. For instance, your partner wants to see a suspense type of movie in the theater, and you don’t even bother to watch such movie. Try to compromise and give him a chance that both of you can watch the movie. It is hard to do, that is, but learn to like it.
  • Ask apologize when you have done wrong. Do not let your pride ingest you and destroy the relationship. If you’ve got to say sorry, say it in a calm, natural and charming manner. Do it in the right place and time and don’t let it resolve the next day.
  • Show your support. Your support for your partner will help to build a strong bind in relationship. Encourage your partner to pursue and focus on the things he likes as long as this will not affect his relationship with you.
  • Enjoy. At least once in a while, both of you will have time for each other together with the kids. Once in a while forget about the regular routines you have in the house or in the office. You may like to go out for lunch and watch theater or go to an amusement park.
  • Commemorate anniversaries. Do not forget special occasions pertaining to your relation such as engagement date, wedding date and birthdays. Allocate some budget for it and do celebrate. This doesn’t need an extravagant affair, what a matter is you remembered the date.
  • Plan for the future. Plan especially for the benefits of your children. Where would you like them to study and what course will you let them take.
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